The Journey Home
Director & Composer
Ian Harris
Running Time 4' 27''
Format DV 
Filmed in the UK & Italy

A boat journey takes an unseen traveller into a mysterious world, back to a desired homeland. Filmed inside the 'Grotta Azzura' (Blue Grotto) on the Island of Capri and in Venice. The video contains transformed still and moving images from the interior of the cavern. Other elements include an image of the 'Ponte dei Sospiri' (Bridge of Sighs) in Venice, which is a reference to the idea of crossing from one world to another. The bridge is dislocated from its usual surroundings and appears ghost-like hovering above an open sea. The narrative within this video points towards a journey and the text of the vocal music implies a communication with nature. "When will the wind know my name? Hold up my hands to the sky. When will the prophets be heard? Show them the dark, closer now." Another element within this work, is the presence of several illuminated figures (prophets) enacting an unknown narrative of their own. 


This short film was originally created to be shown within the context of a gallery space.  Please contact Ian for further information.
Music: 'The Wind' for voice, strings, guitar, tuned percussion, harp, electronics.  - available to buy  from CDbaby on Ian's  album 'The Wisdom Of Winter'
text & stills Ian Harris 2006