Monet's Dream
Film-maker & Composer
Ian Harris
Running Time 2' 45''
Format DV 

"The calm, silent, still waters reflecting the scattered flowers, the colours evanescent, with delicious nuances of a dream-like delicacy."
Claude Monet

Monet's greatest challenge lay in capturing the essence of a fleeting moment such as the light and reflections on water. As his vision failed in later years, the image on the retina was now only a starting point. Monet's Dream was commissioned by Creamer and Lloyd (art in business facilitators) for an event in 2008. The brief was to produce a short film with original music initially based on the concept of a particular fragrance. The above words written by Monet appear at the end of the film.


The music for this film was written for flute, violin, glockenspiel & harp. On this recording the violin is played by Michael Peck & the flute by Matthew Tucker

text & stills  Ian Harris 2010