Walking Towards The Rainbow
Director & Composer
Ian Harris
Running Time 6' 42''
Format DV 
Filmed in the UK

A beautiful yet disquieting vision of a landscape, shot on the edge of Crowfield, a small village in rural Suffolk. ' Walking Towards the Rainbow ' was originally composed as a piece of music for piano, inspired by the novel 'The Rainbow' by D. H. Lawrence. Sections of the original piano piece can be heard repeated in cycles throughout the soundtrack for the video, overlaid now with the voice (both spoken & sung) percussion, keyboards and location sounds. The novel 'The Rainbow' is a voyage to discover an unknown land. The characters are clearly associated with the fields, the horizontal land and nature. Their moods correspond to the changes in the weather. Their lives are directed by the rhythms of the seasons. In the novel the word 'beyond' signifies the shadows outside the area lit by man's civilization consciousness, the elemental forces of nature and the subconscious forces in man. In the video the single tree in the landscape is the key image which ties together all elements. The natural energy in the landscape (blue water/ancient text) combine with the manifestation of a spiritual consciousness (green circles of light) to unite within the tree. The music moves towards its ultimate destination through cycles of repeating phrases, continually building tension. The melody of this hypnotic music stays in the mind long after the video has ended.

"Perfect Circles...the Circle of Seasons...the Cycle of Living.....
a living land beyond the cloud garden." 
"Walls of dazzling experience are the illusions of boundaries, broken only by the sounds of the inner world."
"Time is lit up at these moments, like the rainbow lights up a storm."


This short film was created to be shown within the context of a gallery space.  Please contact Ian for further information.

text & stills
Ian Harris 2006