I a n   H a r r i s                                       

Ian Harris is a composer, pianist and artist. His compositions include piano music and soundtracks for his short films. Ian has a BA in Fine Art and an MA in Music.
Ian’s music for an imaginary film version of Thomas Mann’s novel 'Tonio Kröger' was broadcast on BBC Radio 3 - 'Late Junction' - in 2001. Commissions include 'Meta-Flight' - a work for clarinet, violin, cello and piano for the Greenbelt Festival. In 2003 'Cloud Garden' for vibraphone and strings, was selected for the SPNM shortlist. This score is now included in the British Music Collection library. Since 2003 Ian has produced short films, that explore the interplay between his music and moving image. His work has been screened at various festivals, galleries and events in the UK and Europe. Ian released his second album ‘The Journey’s Threads in 2014. Classical and Jazz fuse in this ethereal vocal and instrumental music. An album that moves from breathtaking simplicity to dazzling virtuosity.

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