The Land of Childhood
Film-Maker & Composer 
Ian Harris
Puppet Costumes
Brian Emeney
Running Time 7' 51''
Format DV 
Filmed in the UK / Stonehenge & Spain / The Alhambra

"I dream of a room full of stars, from here I find the way to another world, my past and my future." 
extract from 'The Land of Childhood' text. 

In this video we travel to a realm outside normal time. The space is occupied by the Guardian of Time, who stands at the doorway to the land of childhood. The doorway is found in the room of stars, which was inspired by a visit to the Alhambra in Spain. The landscape imagery in the central part of the film was filmed during sunset at Stonehenge. The child's face looking into the sun symbolizes the potential that childhood contains. The music asks the question, "will this moment last for ever?". 


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text & stills Ian Harris 2007 Ian Harris 2005